Technology for Organizations and Businesses

Let computers do the boring stuff, so that your staff can be creative.

These are words that any savvy organization can relate to. Unfortunately, realizing this dictum can sometimes seem like a pipe-dream.

But the solution is often closer than you think.

Personalize your Information Systems

The key is that you know your organization, but you might not be so familiar with technology. Instead of jumping into purchasing a product or a prepackaged solution that promises to do what you need, it's a good idea to take a step back, and determine what your needs really are. Half of the business I get is from folks who jumped into a technology purchase, and then realized that it doesn't work with their other systems, and no longer manages all of the information that they need it to.

So first things first, lets take a real look at what you have going on...

How it Works

  1. Perform an Information Systems Audit for your organization. This is the equivalent of mapping the information flows of your organization, and really understanding if and how the different software platforms you use to manage this information are working together.
  2. Comprehensive Report: Once that audit is completed, you will have a report that reviews your current technology, your current and future needs, and the different opportunities that exist for meeting those needs.
  3. Details:
    • When you want to start?
    • What time lines work best for your organization?
    • What would the ideal budget be?
    • What (if any) dependencies or potential road blocks exist with regards to the project?

To get started or find out more, fill in the Contact Form on this website, and let me know who you are and what you are interested in.


  • Professionalism: I know the importance of communicating both in person and with reports and presentations so that your stakeholders can understand every part of the process.
  • Listening for Your Needs: instead of approaching things as an "expert" I like to approach them as a 'learner'. I know that I won't understand your needs unless I listen to you. Then I can personalize a solution that will best fit your specific needs.
  • Emphasis on Training: employees to work smart using the systems they currently employ, while developing their skills to use the systems that will be developed and implemented for the organization.
  • Decrease in Burnout: from the frustration of having to get work done using systems that make that work tedious, redundant, and difficult
  • Improves Bottom Line: both by making reporting easier for the purpose of grant writing, and by creating efficient workflows that get more done in less time.
  • Creativity Flourishes when staff members and leaders within the organization are no longer inundated by redundant administrative tasks, and take ownership of their work.