Community Plumbing?

Drupal is an open source content management system that enables the building of complex, custom websites in very little time and for not a lot of money.

That it is Open Source means that it is free, and that it is also free. This is not a typo. I am referring both to free as in 'free beer!' and free as in 'freedom'. Open Source means that the source code (the guts) of the software is open and available for anyone to look at, learn from, modify and use.

What this means for you is that, as well as saving money, you will have an enormous library of different functions (called modules) that have been created by a community of over 10,000 developers around the world available to you. These include a robust e commerce system, blogs, calendars, registrations, event management, contact forms, and literally hundreds of others.




  • Drupal Installation
  • Template Design
  • Website Configuration
  • Training


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