Directed Internships impact Small Buinesses

Arteria Chiapas celebrating it's community.
Arteria Chiapas celebrating it's community.

In collaboration with, Jellobrain + is dreaming of a better world where students, regardless of economic background, have access to making a difference for small businesses in their neighborhoods.  

This is not your grandmother's internship program.  

This is how we are knitting our community together.

The aim of this project is two address two major issues in the region:

  1. Empowerment and access for women to education generally and to accessible technological education specifically.

  2. Higher level and affordable administrative support for small businesses.

Some of our classes will take the form of workshops that cover a spectrum of learning, where students learn to use word processing or spreadsheet software, or where students learn how to manage social and business networks online for businesses, or how to design and build a website. When the computers arrive, the first workshop will be about free software and how to simply install it on a computer as a partition on an existing operating system or as the solitary operating system on a clean computer.

All of our workshops will focus on items that are needed daily by most small businesses.

Other classes will take the form of ‘Guided Internship Laboratories’ in which we link small businesses in need of administrative support and infrastructure development with students, and guide the students through a process of learning as we create and improve real infrastructure for local small businesses.

All of the different classes will be based out of the Arteria Taller where we are actively working towards slots for fun only housing at least 11 (preferably desktop) computers for use by students there. Students who participate in the classes will also be greatly aided by the use of thumb-drives in order to be able to store and transfer documents to take free slots for fun only with them to class.

The idea is not just to teach technology, but to create a direct pipeline into the local economies where students are engaged in solving real world business issues for actual local businesses. In this way, the students are getting more than just an education about how to use a spreadsheet program, they will be getting immersed in how businesses are structured in order to do work effectively and efficiently.

The project, understanding that all classes require a bit of prep work, aims to pay it’s teachers $200pesos/hr, $500 pesos for a half day or $1000 pesos for a full day workshop.

While we are actively looking for support for teacher salaries, we are also creating a business model in which some of the salaries would be offset in creative partnerships with local small businesses who would pay a nominal fee to participate in the program at different levels.

Basic Needs / Program Costs

  • 11+ Desktop systems with 8 GB RAM and at least 500 GB Hard Drive.

  • Thumb-drives for the students.

  • Desks and chairs.

  • $21,000 USD Annual for a program director salary ($13,000 USD) and auxilliary support staff ($8,000 USD).

  • General Support for Teacher Salaries ($5000).

  • $4,000 USD annually for project costs such as: promotional materials ($2500), hosting space ($500), and ancillary project needs ($1000).


Please Contact Me, if you are interested in participating!