There are many different approaches to cleaning up the data management systems in your organization.

These include the design of customized databases, the customization of existing databases, and the implementation + configuration of purchased or acquired databases that need to be set up.

Platform Integration

Typically, a small non-profit uses separate systems to:

  • manage data about their clients/constituents/members/services
  • generate reports
  • write internal reports and documents
  • massage and generate numbers from data
  • send and manage emails
  • mass email constituents/members

Connecting your database to the other software that you use daily is integral to supporting your staff to do their work effortlessly and effectively.

These systems can be integrated with one another.

The approach here is to engage the entire organization in creating these systems in order to access the full institutional knowledge within the organization.

Database Platforms

  • Access
  • FileMaker
  • ACT!
  • Oracle
  • BlackBaud Databases
  • Contact Management Systems (CMS)
  • Contact Records Management (CRMs) systems

Reporting Tools

  • SQL Queries
  • MySQL Queries using PhpMyAdmin
  • Crystal Reports
  • iReport
  • and designing reports in Access and FileMaker


Regardless of whether you are creating a new data management system, it is necessary to train new and existing staff on how to work smart using the existing database and software that you have available.