Information Audit

An Information Audit is an organizational assessment and development tool by which you can extrapolate, visualize, and understand information flows and processes which support your daily tasks.

In being able to visualize these flows, an organization is better able to understand it's needs with respect to specific types of infrastructure, and better able to understand the different ways those needs can be addressed using existing resources and technology.

The structure of an Information Audit:

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Assessment Phase

Interview different stakeholders within the organization to determine:

  • what they do
  • which information and technology systems and programs they use
  • where the difficulties or hang ups seem to occur in their work
  • and what their level of acumen and training is with respect to these systems

Analyze software and technology systems in use to determine:

  • if they are working together well
  • if they are meeting the needs of the organization well
  • how current they are.


  • determine what budgetary restrictions exist with respect to building this type of infrastructure
  • determine what if any needs exist that will need to be provided for in addition to this budget
  • and prioritize these needs

Analysis/Planning Phase

Analyze information and create report to primary (leadership) stakeholders that includes:

  • main analysis in language that is non-technical
  • different solutions available with ballpark budgets, time-lines, and resources needed to implement them
  • and recommendations given the stated limitations of the organization, what they are up to mission wise, and projected growth.

Narrow down the strategy given feedback from primary stakeholders that takes their feedback and preferences into account and present:

  • final report based on that feedback
  • actual detailed time-lines, budgetary needs, training needs, other resources needed from the organization and a final project plan
  • and by the end of the meeting get buy in from all primary stakeholders

Implementation Phase

Structured and determined by the planning and analysis phase above... For more information, please contact: