Technology at Work


This section goes into detail about the specific services that jellobrain offers including: websites, databases, project management, and consulting. Click here for more about Services.

Case Studies

Because the services that jellobrain provides are unique, and the philosophical approach to helping organizations is novel, it can be challenging to get your head around how the work, and it's impact on organizations and businesses. These Case Studies demonstrate concrete examples of what is possible. Click here for more about Case Studies

Information Mapping

This section reviews the novel approach jellobrain takes to the work it does with organizations. It is based on the idea of visually representing the discrete systems that make an organization tick, and the stakeholders involved. Doing so reveals patterns, opportunities, and struggles for an organization. In revealing and organizing these, the processes by which work gets done can be fine-tuned and reworked, and the information systems that support the work can be created and integrated with the process. Click here for more about information mapping.