Industrial Design

Cigarette Extinguisher

RISD Design Conference
Cigarette UrnCigarette Urn This was designed and prototyped for the IDSA conference at RISD in 2002. It incorporates a second use for old fire extinguishers along the lines of the industrial ecology theme of the conference.




Medical Light

Recycling IV Bottles
Med-Light Cameo: Image of Med-Light for promotional materials.Med-LightBecause of the need for sterility, old glass IV bottles cannot be recycled for their original purpose. The wire loop on top gave me the idea for a hanging light, and the results were magical. This is another example of closing the loop of an industrial waste product towards extending the materials life-cycle.
Here are the before/after pictures. The bulb was halogen, and put out enough light to read/work with. It also created a cozy ambiance for a living room or den type of placement.


Med-Light: Med-Light on and off.Med-Light Working





Broom Design: Design for ergonomic broom, with articulating handle.Broom DesignA new look at an ancient concept...
Why mess with something that works? Because if you are a student in Industrial Design School, you can. This is an ergonomic broom that I made half jokingly for a class. Little did I realize that it would actually work, and be much more comfortable than the standard. Who-da-thunk...
The top handle of the broom swings up at an angle that the user can adjust. The sweeping mechanism pro-tracts to adjust for the height of the user. And it's covered in fake cow fir because I love fake cow fur.




Desk Tray

Designed for the Designer
Tray Drawing: Blue print for articulating tray that attaches to desk.Tray DrawingThe idea was to design a tray that would attach to a drawing table.
As with all things, it started out with a drawing.


Tray PrototypeTray PrototypeI wanted the tray surface to be sticky, so I created a mold for 'nubs' out of beads, and a plastic forming machine. I then poured 2-part silicone into the form, and presto! I also included a non-nubby area for drinks.


Final Desk Tray PrototypeFinal Desk Tray PrototypeThe bearings in the arm required some artificial rusting in order that they have some degree of resistance.